*Healthy Homecast is now GreenerViews *


New name, new site, bigger focus & commitment!

Please check out this 4 minute video presentation that flashes back over the past year and explains a little bit about our new direction:

Guest Seek

Our Podcast site and the podcast episodes have had a predominant focus on “GREEN” homes/remodeling/painting and related topics. This happened mostly on account of my being a licensed contractor for the past 32 years. It was fairly easy for me to get a sizable number of these types of interviews lined up rather quickly.

After reaching out to several groups/organizations/businesses/individuals that we really wanted to participate; we found them communicating that they did not see themselves to be good fits for what we are doing.

We have so far responded to this by changing our tagline from “Green Radio & News for the Home” to “Sustaining the HOME We All Share… Planet Earth!”

We have changed the description of our podcast from “your source for information, news and events that focus on environmental responsibility, environmental consciousness and eco related products and practices” to “your source for information, news & events focused on the health, safety, well being, charity and community of all”.

We are still in the process of changing the language on the podcast introductions and bumpers (spoken word with music interludes placed at the beginning, middle and end of each episode). Once completed, these changes will be implemented to all future episodes.
Detailed below are the two categories of "guest types" we are seeking

If interested, please feel free to contact us any time at: 
Healthy Homecast
6523 California Ave SW Suite #248
Seattle, WA 98136
Phone: 206.650.4587

Non Building & Home Contracting Related
Any Volunteer, Non-Profit or for Profit Group/Organizations that locally/nationally/universally Serves and Supports the welfares/rights/equalities of any being, regardless of any known/unknown/perceived adversities/inequalities/differences/challenges. Alternative Transportation Specialists, Dry Cleaners, Pet Product Manufacturers & Suppliers , Recycling/ E-waste Specialists, Habitat for Humanity, Sierra Club, Green Peace, Health Food Stores, Organic Farmers, Naturopathic & Alternative Medicine Specialists, Musicians, Artists, Restaurants, Animal Activists, Waste Management Specialists, Nurseries, Consignment shops, Mom groups, Senior groups, Kid Groups, Activists, Feng Shui Specialists, Respiratory Ailment/Asthma/Allergy/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Groups and Specialists, Bicycling Groups, Hiking Groups, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Running Groups. Etc…
Green Building & Home Related
Solar/ Wind Specialists, Alternative Building Material Contractors, Alternative Energy Specialists, Re-use and Salvage Specialists, Eco-manufacturers, Insulation Specialists, HVAC Specialists, Weatherization Specialists, Household Product Specialists, Plumbers, Window Washers, House Cleaners, Electricians, Roofers, Siding Specialist, Etc…
If you do not see it on the list; please ask

Along with the changes to the overall focus and message, we have also begun to re-frame our questions for a broader guest pool.
These questions are meant to provide interested parties with a general idea of the type of things we will be asking. Actual questions will be formed accordingly to the interviewee, and that individual or group will be encouraged to participate in creating questions and topics that are best suited for their message.
  1. Please tell us who you are, a bit about your company, product, service or organization and what your role or position is?
  1. What was the catalyst for its beginning, what is your life experience or educational background that lead to your role in either creating this or getting involved with it?
  1. Can you share one or more events that influenced you to adopt this?
  1. Can you share about any person(s), idea or event(s) that have inspired or influenced the successes in your life?
  1. What do you most enjoy about the work?
  1. Tell us WHY you're special and how does what YOU do... differ from what others do in your field?
  1. Anything you'd like people to know or to understand about what you do or the line of work you're in, that they may not be aware of or clear about already?
  1. What methods do you use to communicate these things?
  1. What descriptive words do you feel work best when communicating your message (For example, in my field words such as GREEN, ECO, etc… are commonplace)?
  1. What does Well Being mean to you?
  1. What does sustaining the well being of the home that we all share mean to you?
  1. What does Happiness mean to you?
  1. What does Safety mean to you?
  1. What does Charity and Community mean to you?
  1. To what degree or what amount of responsibility do we have to participate and contribute to life in a positive and productive manner, or do we not have that responsibility?
  1. Please elaborate on that and give us an example(s) of how your company, product, service or organization does that, how you do so as an individual and how we might all be able to do so?
  1. Without being accusatory or making judgment, yet instead intending to inspire and educate, please point out areas where others in your field may be falling behind?
  1. Can you offer tips, here and now, where they can improve?
  1. What advice do you have for someone who is seeking the type of services or products you offer?
  1. What helpful hints or wise advice do you have to share with the listener that has significant meaning to you?
  1. What groups or organization do you support or are you affiliated with?
  1. Any web-site, phone number, FaceBook, twitter, blog you want people to check out and contact you by?
  1. Any specials, upcoming events or info to offer our listeners that we can post on our site?
  1. Any last words or anything you feel was left out?