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Ep1:Healthy Paint Talk with Bill & Darryl

Interior Painting, Bulls Eye Zero & More
42 min 55 sec
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***Welcome. There are a lot of changes going on here at Healthy Homecast, and this is one of them. Healthy Homecast has become The Healthy Homecast Network. This posting is episode 1 of our second weekly program called “Healthy Paint Talk with Bill & Darryl”. The original weekly Healthy Homecast interview show has now become “Greenerviews”. We have also created and will soon launch a third weekly program; an audio calendar of upcoming “healthy, informative, responsible & fun” events and activities in our immediate and surrounding area. We are developing a central website which will allow you to easily locate, listen to and participate in any or all of the programs on “The Healthy Homecast Network”. We have a new audio engineer, a new co-producer and are looking to fill a few more spots which we will post about very soon. In the meantime; check out our new show, listen to all 21 archived episodes of the original “Healthy Homecast Show” and feel free to contact us at any time with comments, questions or ideas at 206.650.4587 or info@healthyhomecast.com.***
Ep1 is brought to you exclusively by:
(Co) Hosted by: Bill Daly
Produced & (Co) Hosted by: Darryl Whalen
Recorded (10.26.11), mixed & edited by: Randy Parcel
Co-Produced by: Tony Calapristi