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Ep10: Healthy Home Seller


Ep10: Healthy Home Seller 81 min 41 sec
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Join Tony & Darryl as Healthy Homecast interviews Wendy Hughes-Jelen.
***Wendy is passionate about solving people’s problems through education
Many people don’t know that homes that are “Environmentally Certified” are now available
As a real estate broker in the Seattle area, Wendy provides a complete real estate service experience***
Contact Wendy Hughes-Jelen at:
Wendy's recommended sites:
Green Spaces Real Estate Blog
Westside Green Living with Wendy on Facebook
Natural Home Magazine

Wendy's recommended books:
The Kids Whole Future Earth Catalog
Green Guide-The complete reference for Consuming Wisely 
Stranger in a Strange Land

Ep10 event resources:
City Fruit
Seattle Tilth
Sustainable Works