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Ep07: Healthy Building Design


Ep7: Make Design Studio 69 min 56 sec
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Join Tony & Darryl as Healthy Homecast interviews Nicole Starnes Taylor.
As Make Design, L.L.C., Nicole brings a Master's degree in Architecture and a Bachelors degree in Environmental Design in Architecture to the table, and to the drawing board.
As the Principal, Nicole advocates for experiential education as a tool to empower and enrich the lives of others.
Contact Nicole Starnes Taylor at:
Nicole's recommended sites:
Architects Without Borders
UW Center for Urban Horticulture
Pharos Project
Living Building Challenge
Nicole's recommended books:
Bernard Rudofsky "Architecture Without Architects"
Paul Olivier "Dwellings"
Janine Benyus "Biomimicry"
Andrea Oppenheimer Dean & Timothy Hursley "Rural Studio"
Ep7 event resources:
Seattle Tilth
Seattle Greendrinks
Rivalee Design